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Date: 2020-04-17 11:16:41
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  Shandong Jeehoo New Building Materials Co., Ltd founded in 2015, is one of the leaders in decorative building materials industry, and also an earlier manufacturer of stone coated steel roof tiles in Linyi, Shandong. We produce the ston...

Detailed introduction

Tile size: 1340x420mm

Installed Exposure: 1290x370mm

Tiles per sqm: 2.08 sheets

Installed weight: 2.8kgs/sheet

Bond Tile

Traditional, solid and lightweight. It can enhance the style and beauty for all types of residential and commercial houses. 

Advantages and description

① Beautiful and convenient construction

Twelve conventional colors to choose, rich in color, good color durability, anti-ultraviolet,  in the wind,sun and rain will not fade. Suitable for a variety of roofing requirements.

②Lightweight, easy to handle, thin tiles; easy to cut, large area, fast construction.

③Excellent waterproof performance, tight buckle, small overlap gap, small possibility of water leakage, horizontal nailing, self-locking scientific installation and construction, plus the good waterproof performance of the aluminum zinc steel itself, once again strengthening its waterproof.

④Strong wind resistance. Horizontal nailing process, snap-on installation is windproof again, and wind resistance is up to 154km / h.

⑤Excellent weather resistance, aluminum zinc-plated steel plate, and multilayer polymer-treated protective film, superior freeze-thaw resistance, effectively increasing the useful lifetime.

⑥Anti-seismic, light-weight surface can reduce the load on the top layer, reduce the horizontal displacement of the top layer, and reduce the peripheral effect of the protruding part of the top layer.

⑦Fire protection, which is produced and processed with Class A fireproof materials, which can prevent the fire from spreading in the event of fire.

⑧Reduce noise, using natural basalt, uneven particle size, high friction, buffering the impact of rain, greatly reducing noise.

⑨Low comprehensive cost

Lightweight roof and low wall load effectively save roof and wall costs.

Superior performance, avoid secondary maintenance, replacement, and reduce maintenance costs.

Convenient construction and reduced labor costs.

Light weight and save transportation costs.

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